Project BasePro Disclaimer
   The intention of the BasePro project is to simplify bible study through online software tools. The King James 1611 Holy Bible can be read and searched as well as viewing statistical information. The entire King James 1611 Holy Bible has been scanned into the computer to obtain a digital copy. The results received from the OCR software used to scan the bible were not perfect. Therefore, until all the data files containing the verse content are corrected to reflect that in the bible, it will be necessary to have another source of the King James 1611 bible such as a printed or audio copy in order to perceive the actual words. All of the search features may not necessarily work properly as of yet, but will become available as soon as time permits for completion. Since it will take time to correct the errors in the data files, patience must be a virtue as this is an ongoing project. Thank you for taking advantage of the features within BasePro to assist with bible study.